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Beryl's Backlash: Tree almost crushes man in bed

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- A tree knocked down by Tropical Storm Beryl nearly crushed a Jacksonville man in his bed.
The tree smashed through William Nelson's second floor apartment bedroom just seconds after he got out of bed Sunday night.

"At first you hearing the crunching sound like the wind and everything so I decided to get up," Nelson said. 

And as soon as he did get up, the tree he says came crashing through his ceiling landing on his bed.

"I know the bigger guy up there is watching over me," Nelson said of his near brush with death.

But while Nelson did survive unharmed, he says he and his wife do not have renters insurance.

"Oh yes... TV, bed, clothes, everything that was in that room... is ruined," Ramonia Nelson said.

The management at the Eagle Point apartment complex where the Nelsons live with their two kids is putting the family up in a local hotel for two nights. 

William Nelson says they will move into a new unit sometime this week.

Ramonia Nelson added she now has a greater appreciation for her family after what happened.

"I just kept staring at my family like thank God you're alive."


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