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Hurricane Irene, Preparing For A Storm On A Budget

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- If you don't have the money to prepare for a big storm, you should stick to buying the basics. 

Perry Arnold has survived many storms.  We found him shopping, so we followed him to find out what to buy.

"Food, water, shelter: those are the three main things you need," Arnold said.

We started with clips to hang plywood over your windows at $30 per package.

"This right here is enough to do a 7 window house of average size, that way you have more than enough.  I would grab a couple of cases of water," Arnold said.

We grabbed 5 sheets of plywood, and a couple of 2x4s.  "Good tough stuff, easy to cut, manageable on a budget," he said.

"Don't go for the biggest flashlights.  They use a lot of energy.  The bigger they are, the more they consume," Arnold added.

We settled on three lower-end flashlights, that already came with batteries, but we grabbed some extra batteries, just in case.  We spent around $15 in the flashlight department.

We spent about 12 minutes shopping, and our total was $127.88.

"There's a difference between what you need and what you want," Arnold said.

He added not to forget the canned, non-perishable food.


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