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Discharge paper mixup reveals record problem in Memorial ER

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The emergency room is where sick people go to get well, not for the scare of their life.

"All my tests results were good," said Alisa Hayes.

On Tuesday, Hayes drove to Memorial Hospital ER after discomfort in her chest. She said it was diagnosed as stress

"He gave me a pill before I left," she said. "I'm hoping it was my pill and not somebody else's."

Her concern is fueled by what she discovered on her hospital discharge papers.

Hayes said the name, the address and other information on her discharge instructions, as well as her prescription order, all belong to another patient, not her.

"It kind of upset me," said Hayes.

Hayes wants to know how this could happen in a place where patient information is guarded so closely because of HIPPA privacy laws.

"They make mistakes, that's understandable, but that is kind of a scary mistake," she said.

The information on her discharge paper belongs to Toni Marshall. Marshall was very upset.

"I'm mad," said Marshall, "I have been so sick I did not pay attention I just wanted to get my medicine and did not think the hospital would do this."

Marshall was being treated in the same ER for flu-like symptoms. She said she will reach out to the hospital to find out if this is an isolated incident.

"I'm gonna call the hospital and get behind it and find out if any more of my information has been given out," she said.

There were no injuries related to what happened, but it is a mistake that neither women say they will soon forget.

Hospital spokesman Adam Landau issued the following statement:

"We are aware of a situation that occurred in our emergency department regarding patient contact information and are currently reviewing our records from the past 30 days, following the implementation of a new computerized records system.

"While we believe the correct medical and prescription information was given to patients, some patients did receive papers with the wrong name, address and phone number.

"We are currently reviewing our discharge process, and have established a double verification system for all Emergency Department discharges.

"We apologize and are contacting patients that may have been affected.

First for you:

To protect yourself, before every procedure in the hospital, make sure the staff checks your entire name, date of birth and the bar code on your wristband.




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