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Concern over city swimming pool's condition in light of West Nile outbreak

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- This year is on track to be the worst ever for West Nile Virus (WNV) in the United States. New cases of the potentially deadly disease were discovered in Duval County. The cases of West Nile really started to pick up this summer.

In fact, there were no human cases of West Nile in the area until the end of July when the first person was infected. After that, the cases rose steadily each week, with Duval County topping out at 20 people infected so far this year.

That's why Lillie Harden is so concerned about the City of Jacksonville swimming pool at Blue Cypress Park. 

"It's like a murky green. I wouldn't like to go in there," Harden said.

Harden is also concerned because the pool is right behind her voting precinct for this fall.

"I would think City would take care of their home first before they start talking about homeowners and what they should do," she said.

We took Harden's worries directly to the Duval County Health Department, and showed them the video of the pool. While Vincy Samuel of the Duval County Health Department would not comment directly on this pool, she does have this warning on protecting yourself and identifying areas to avoid. She said just a tiny teaspoon of water can attract mosquitoes. 

"That's all it takes. It does not take much water for mosquitoes to start breeding," Samuel said.

Now Harden wonders when someone will clean up this pool. 

"Something needs to be done," she said. "Not only at this pool, but I would imagine at other City pools as well." 

The City is now checking on the pool.

There were 23 cases of West Nile reported last year in Duval County.
So far this year, 87 people have died from the virus nationwide and health experts expect that number to increase into October.

First For You, here is more information from the health department on how to protect yourself from West Nile.


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