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Summer Oak apartment residents dry out from flooding

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Leondra McClennon lives in Summer Oak apartments in one of the 35 flooded apartments.

"I had to take all the shoes and throw them in the bathtub," she said.

McClennon believes a partially blocked drain may have contributed to the foot of water that flooded in her first floor unit.

"If they don't get out here and clean it, it will happen again," she said.

Regional Manager Dennis Daoust said the water was so high, getting into the apartment complex was just as difficult as getting out.

Daoust said the complex has begun the clean up; three companies are on the property to help. In many of the flooded units, the carpet padding has been removed and bagged.

"This was too unexpected." she said. "I had a neighbor that met me outside and said her apartment was flooded and I'm sure yours is too."

McClennon said she has always lived in a first floor apartment, but this is the first time she has had to deal with flooding.

"I have never experienced anything like this until yesterday," she said.  

McClennon moved into Summer Oak a month ago; she says if her apartment is flooded again anytime soon, she will move out.

"If it gets like it was yesterday, I'm moving out," she said, "I'm gonna leave the premises. I sure am. Find me some where else to move."

Regional manager Daoust said when tenants sign a lease, they are encouraged to purchase renters insurance. It is not required.

First for you:

The landlord is only responsible for the building

The tenant is responsible for the contents.

If you purchase renters insurance, make sure that it will cover damage from rising water, or you may have to buy flood insurance to protect yourself.


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