Stray peacocks attack, damage cars in neighborhood | News

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Stray peacocks attack, damage cars in neighborhood

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Residents in an Empire Point neighborhood say peacocks are terrorizing their property.

Every night, folks on River Bank Court cover their cars to protect them from two peacocks.

They say the two birds have taken up residence and are making their presence known.

"All these scratch marks and little divets in the car are all peacock attacks," said Carlee Staple, describing the dents and scratches on her car.

"They're beautiful," Staple said. "They're Indian peacocks."

"I came out to water my plants one morning and they were actually beating themselves up against the car," explained Renee Bylinowski.

Neighbors believe the male peacock sees his reflection on the cars and attacks it, damaging the car in the process.
"He thinks that he's seeing another male in that black car reflection," said Ray Spencer, whose month-old car has become a peafowl punching bag. "He just goes after it and kicks it and stomps it and pecks at it."

One family caught an attack on video.

The car's owners said the beak dents have caused almost $2,000 dollars of damage.

Bylinowski said the birds have been around three months and no one will come get them.

"Animal control considers them wildlife, so they will not come remove the peacocks. Fish and [Wildlife] consider them domestic," Bylinowski said. "So they're not Fish and Wildlife's department. And so we're responsible to hire a trapper to get them removed."

"It's been like everybody passes the buck," Staple said. "Nobody quite knows who handles recovering a peacock out of a neighborhood."

Bylinowski is paying several hundred dollars for a trapper.

The trapper caught the female Friday. The male, however, is still ruffling feathers, so they're using the female as bait.

As the gloves come off in the peacock wars, the car covers are staying on.

UPDATE 7/16/12: They captured the female peacock at the River Bank Court area, but they haven't yet captured the male.

He's attacked peoples' cars and trucks, doing thousands of dollars of damage.

The trapper says he was back out Monday, and ... no luck.

He says the peacock is really "spooked" right now, so he's just going to leave it alone for a while.


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