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Garden City residents to Jacksonville: 'Pick up our trash'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A drive through the narrow two lane roads of Garden City reveals why its residents are upset; it is the bane of their complaints to City Hall.

Woody Smith wants to know why the city has yet to pick up the garbage in his neighborhood.

"We're just getting the loop. We've called 630-CITY and emailed the city and called the mayor's office," said Woody Smith.

Smith is president of the Garden City Neighborhood Association. He has kept a record in his 'bookberry' of the many calls to city hall about his neighborhood problem.

"It is frustrating," he said, "This has been here for three weeks," he said pointing to the containers in front of his drive.

They have been there so long that some stink and are overflowing. The rain helps dilute the odor, but Smith said it doesn't last for long. 

"When the sun comes out and hits the containers that's when the flies and the smell gets real bad," he said. 

Kenneth Ryder lives across the street from Smith and the smell blows in his direction.

"My containers have been out there at least two weeks," said Ryder. 

Rosie Smith, wife of Woody Smith, said she is fed up with what she calls the city's lack of response.

"We've been swept under the rug," she said, "If we don't exist, maybe we don't need to be paying the solid waste fee."

Woody Smith said since he is the association president, his neighbors are looking to him for a solution. He said he will continue to call City Hall until the trash is picked up.

"We would like to have our garbage picked up and get what we're paying for. Since the 21st of May ... that's pretty ridiculous," said Smith.

Debbie Delgado, spokesperson for the Solid Waste Division, said  the city says what Garden City residents are experiencing is the result of a perfect storm and the city is trying to get it taken care of as quickly as possible.

"We had Tropical Storm Beryl and that pushed back the normal garbage collection day and then there was a schedule change," said Debbie Delgado, "and the city instituted its new trash collection system at the same time."

Delgado said they're working overtime to get it done and crews will be in the community until the trash is gone.


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