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Police-Involved Shooting Leaves Family Devastated

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- An Arlington man is dead after a police-involved shooting Wednesday morning.

Now his family thinks there are too many questions left unanswered.

"This cop has been on the force for three years, so guess what he got out of the car in fear of? Dying," said shooting victim Davinian Williams' girlfriend Tikisha Dozier.  

Dozier thinks the Jacksonville Sheriff's officer who shot and killed her boyfriend was too quick to pull the trigger.

"I understand as a police officer you need to do what you need to do. But to shoot to kill? And when you got in the vehicle there was no weapon. You felt threatened? For what?" she asked.

At a news conference Wednesday, Chief of Investigations Tom Hackney said Williams made a sudden movement that made Officer Jeff Edwards nervous.

"These traffic stops are filled with inherent dangers. Throughout the years numerous officers have been killed. It causes officers senses to be heightened. Had he been able to see what he was doing, complied with his orders, stopped fidgeting when he was told to stop fidgeting, the officer could have completed the traffic stop," said Hackney.

But Dozier thinks there are too many questions after the shooting.

Most of all, why Officer Edwards shot out the back window.

"What did he do to make you feel threatened? They didn't shoot the driver's side window out! It was the back window," she said.

Edwards is currently on administrative leave while the State Attorney's Office and JSO investigate what happened.

According to the incident report, Edwards fired seven times, hitting Williams six times.

"We have had cases that have involved one shot and several shots. It's not relative to the number of times," said Hackney.  

Hackney said it could be a while before the investigation wraps up.

But Dozier isn't hopeful.

"What do you think it going to come of this? Nothing. He's just another black boy. He had drugs in the car. He's dead. That's it," she said.


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