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Adoption Privacy Rules Hamper Obtaining A Florida ID

Editor's Note: After Ken's report Walker was able to obtain a license. 

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- 21 year old Jessie Walker said she's persona non grata.

"I've never had a driver license or state ID. I've never been able to obtain one," she said.

She said her many attempts to get a state ID have all been rejected.

"(I've tried) North Carolina, Raleigh, Fayetteville, Raiford, Charlotte. Florida I've been to Jacksonville, West Palm. Boynton Beach, Davie, Pompano Beach," said Walker.

Walker was adopted from a Pennsylvania group home when she was 14. She said it was a closed adoption. Moving from state to state. she lost her only copy of her birth certificate and getting a new one is not easy.

"My name got changed. My birth name is Danielle King but it was changed to Jessie Walker. I cannot get a birth certificate I don't know how to get it," said Walker, "I can't get it online because it was a closed adoption I send a letter of request and they've mailed me back and said they could not release information because of HIPPA laws."

Walker has school vaccination records, even a social security statement showing she gets a monthly check, but what she has is not enough.

"It is kind of a Catch-22. You have to have a social security card, I can't get one without an ID and I can't get an ID without a social security card. Same thing with a birth certificate," said Walker.

The DMV Tallahassee office is now reviewing Walker's case and is working to resolve the Issue.

Florida became part of the National Real ID act two years ago and since then there has been a lot of confusion as to what you need to get a driver license or Florida ID.

Your need four things:

1) Proper identification, a certified birth certificate or valid  U.S. passport.

2) Your Social Security Number. A social security card or W-2 form will suffice.

3) Residential Address. A deed, mortgage, payment booklet or rental agreement, or a Florida vehicle registration or title will work.

4) If your name was changed, the original or certified copy of marriage certificate or court documents to show your name change.  Uncertified copies are not valid.

It may take a few days before the DMV will be able to help Walker get the proper ID to prove who she is and she is waiting with anticipation.

"I'm an American citizen like everyone else, but for some reason I can't get an ID,' she said.



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