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Home Builders Show Offers Gadgets For The Future

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The International Home Builders Show was buzzing with the newest home improvement gadgets.

Lutron electronics which sells energy saving devices from dimmers to switches rolled out battery powered automated window treatments.

"It is completely do it yourself, you don't need to have someone do it, I installed mine in about 11 minutes per shade," said Melissa Andresko.

The shades come in various sizes and colors and make home automation affordable.

This spring Broan Nu Tone is bringing light and functionality to bathrooms and powder rooms with a ventilation fan cleverly disguised as a ceiling light,some are energy star rated.

"Now when you need ventilation, it doesn't have to look like ventilation. Who are you appealing to?  Remodelers, anyone that is looking to retrofit,' said Karen Collins.

The Little Giant ladder company has a new select step ladder that fits in almost any space.

"This allows you to have a five foot step ladder, a six foot, a seven and an eight foot that easily," said Art Wing.

Wing said the select step ladder also has a number of ergonomic features and wheels to haul it around.

For the homeowner that is still looking for something that will have them talking, Perfection Supply gas fireplace offer style and comfort in a $14,000 fireplace.

"It has a single ring of LED lights around it and from the second flame back it is a reflection from a concave mirrored glass in the back," said Tom Kulbert.

But in today's technology demanding lifestyle, the U Socket was one of the most practical devices at the home builders show.

It's a wall socket that replaces the standard outlet, but it has built in USB power ports to charge devices.

Abbi Vakil whose team invented the U-Socket calls it the outlet of the future.

"Using a USB 3.0 outlet it can charge any of your electronic gadgets, whatever you need; be it a camera, be it a phone, be it a tablet, be it an eReader, a blue tooth headset, whatever you need," said Vakil.

The device has won a number of awards for its effectiveness.


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