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It Pays to Be the UNF Student Government President

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Did you know that if you were the UNF Student Government President you would be paid for holding that position?

Matt Brockelman, a senior corporate finance major and the Student Government President for the University of North Florida, receives over $21,000 in compensation through a salary, parking and tuition.

The salary rate for a student body president at a university in the state of Florida is set at $8.50 per hour.  Factor in a 40-hour work week and that total is $17,680.

Add in the price of a parking pass that is only available if it is awarded to you by the Board of Trustees.  Since they don't sell this exclusive parking pass, and for the sake of math, we'll use the price of an annual UNF parking pass, $405.

Brockelman is given tuition for 24 credit hours per semester.  Brockelman is from Jacksonville, so he qualifies for in-state tuition prices.  In-state rates are $166.03 per credit hour.  This amounts to $3984.72 per semester.  The scholarship is paid for by interest generated by student fees.

So if you add all that up, the parking pass, the tuition and the salary and Brockelman is compensated $22,069.72 -- more than any other student government president in the state of Florida university system.

Comparably, the president for student government at the University of Central Florida receives $20,800.  At UF, the student government president receives $10,495 and at FSU the total salary and compensation is $10,911.

FAMU is the lowest in the state.  Their student government president receives $8,000 per year.

Ava Parker, a State University System Florida Board of Governors member, said the compensation is fair.  Parker said if it weren't for the compensation afforded Brockelman he would have to seek employment somewhere and this would detract from his work as president.

Parker said this work may include managing a budget or even traveling to Tallahassee to lobby lawmakers for issues of concern to the student body the president represents.

Brockelman believes the compensation levels the playing field for people seeking the office of president for a University. If the position were unpaid then only students who don't need jobs would be able to serve as president, reducing the candidate pool.


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