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Firefighters Bring Homeless Veteran Home

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Firefighters from across the country came together Tuesday to bring a homeless veteran home.

Wayne Green was 62 when he was killed in North Las Vegas on Thanksgiving of this year.

"I can't find words to tell you what it means. I don't even know where to begin," said one of his sisters, Betty Green.

For 30 years the Green family left a light on for their brother, Wayne.

"Thank you for your kindness to him. For treating him like a human being," said his sister, Sandy Battige.

A Vietnam veteran from Jacksonville, the 62-year-old had been out of work and homeless for years before he was killed.

His family hardly ever knew where he was.

"If he could've called, we could've changed things. We would have changed things," said Battige 

Away from his family, Wayne made the local fire station his adopted home.

His father was a firefighter here in Jacksonville, and that's where he felt comfortable.

"I think when he came to see the firemen, it was a way of being close to Dad," said Green.

"He would come to the station just to say hi.,and to just meet with the guys," said North Las Vegas Firefighter Gary Parsons.  

And those same firefighters were the ones to respond to a dumpster fire on Thanksgiving.

Wayne had been sleeping behind it, and was nearly burned alive in the fire.

He made it to the hospital, but died from his injuries a week later.

The firefighters knew they wanted to take him home.

"They went through the trouble not only to bring him home, but to bring him home with honor, and I don't know how many homeless people get honored like that," said Battige.  

The North Las Vegas Fire Department took up a collection to get Wayne home, and two of their own accompanied his remains right to the Green's front door.

"Welcome home," said Green.













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