4 Stranded Manatees Rescued in Arlington | News

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4 Stranded Manatees Rescued in Arlington

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- When Home Builders in Arlington noticed four stranded manatees, they immediately called Florida Fish and Wildlife, and hosed them down with water.

Their quick thinking probably saved the animals lives.

"In most situations they can get out on their own, but if you look behind us here, the area the animals were stuck in was a rough situation for them to get out on their own," said Nadia Gordon, with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation. 

Tangled in weeds and covered in mud, it took rescuers two hours to free the giant sea mammals that together weighed more than two tons.

"With the efforts of the residents, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, and JU students, we were able to transport those animals via stretcher back into the river," she said.

Gordon said it's fairly common for manatees to get stranded in this area, and sometimes they need a little help to get back in the water.

"If the tide is coming in, great, let the animals do it on their own. But in this case, the tide wasn't. We were approaching low tide so we wanted to act on it," she said.

Gordon added she's seen up to 10 animals stranded together at one time.


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