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"It is absolutely not true"; Goodwill defends name

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- For the past several years, around the holidays, an email surfaces and questions the quality of the program at Goodwill Industries and the level of salaries.

"Our mission is to employ people," said Tracy Collins.

Collins is Vice President of Public Affairs for Goodwill industries of North Florida.

"Eighty-eight cents of every dollar that is raised through donations and sold in thrift stores goes to our community," she said.

But if you did an internet search on Goodwill you may find an email critical of the nonprofit and how its money is spent.

"These emails have been circulating since 2005," said Collins.

It claims Goodwill's CEO makes $2.3 million a year, Collins says not true.

"The person mentioned in the email does not exist in the Goodwill industries,"she said,"secondly the CEO salary is nowhere near 2.3 million dollars."

I also claim donations are sold for profit and that not one cent is used to help anyone find a job.

"We helped over 56,000 people in 2013 locally and we helped employed 12,200 plus," said Collins.

Collins said the sad commentary is the email has had an impact on donations.

"It does cause a problem for nonprofits when it comes to giving this time of year," she said.

So this holiday season Goodwill fired off a letter to supporters to clear its name, to let them know if they receive the email, delete it.

"Unfortunately people have this mentality that if it is on the internet it must be true," said Collins. 

Snopes, the internet site that vets urban legends, looked into email that addresses all charities, not just Goodwill, and said it is mostly inaccurate.

"It is absolutely not true," said Collins.


Before you donate to any charity, established or new, you should always check to see where your dollars are going.


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