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House burglary affects mobile vet clinic clients

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  Thieves broke into a home in Arlington and now the victims are community members on the First Coast. A vital item to the River City Community Animal Hospital was stolen.

River City Community Animal Hospital is coming up on its 10-year-anniversary in December. The nonprofit mobile vet clinic goes out into communities in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia three days a week, but last week it faced a major setback.

Hospital Administrator Stacey Chesser Davis was taking the mobile clinic in for repairs and left all of the business valuables in her home.

"The perpetrators broken into my home, they kicked the door in, they locked poor Henry (Davis' dog) into the cat room and stole my laptops, my electronics and my jewelry," said Davis.

The organization's laptop contains essential account information, confidential patient information, appointment schedules and medical records. The back-up external hard drive was also stolen.

"We were pretty well booked solid for the rest of the month and now I don't have those appointments. I can't contact the people with those appointments because again those phone numbers are gone," added Davis.

The entire system is password protected, but if it was hacked, clients could be at risk.

"That's one of the biggest fears I have because of all that patient information and client information. I hope this doesn't affect our clients," said Davis.

Donations the clinic was saving for annual repairs and routine cleaning were also stolen. The community is showing support on Facebook. Davis says all she wants back is the clinic's data.

The police report says a neighbor's exterior video surveillance captured the suspects in a white Chevrolet Monte Carlo outside of the residence on Pinelock Road. 

If anyone has any information on this burglary call Crimestoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS.


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