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Does it really cost $501 to unlock a bedroom door?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Frances Gill depends on a walker to get around and being an oxygen user, she keeps her medications nearby in her bedroom. 

"My nebulizer and the other things I have to take are there," she said.

Early in October, Gill returned home from church and discovered her bedroom door was locked. After several attempts to get to open and couldn't she panicked.

"I called a friend, she couldn't come over," said Gill. "I told her I feel like taking an axe and breaking the door down." 

Instead she turned to the phone book and found a company listed as Affordable Locksmith Services.

"I kept telling him my medicine is in there and I need it," said Gill. "And I asked him how much are you going to charge me?"

Gill, 82, said she was never given a cost upfront and when she saw the bill for unlocking her bedroom door she was stunned.

"I could not believe it," she said. "But I called them, I had to pay it."

The charges were broken down like this:


Service call $75

Drilling $90

Disassemble $45

"He came out Tuesday and finished the work and took care of me," said Gill.


Service call $55

Installation $30

Adjustments $25

New lock $156

Grand Total: $501

"He gave me a 10 percent discount because I'm a senior citizen," said Gill.

Gill paid the bill but now she knows that it doesn't cost $501 to unlock a bedroom door even if it is one the weekend.

Affordable Locksmith Services was surprised that Gill is unhappy with the charges.

"No one has complained about the bill," said Alex, "We try to do right and charge according to our price list. We will look into it."


Before you hire a locksmith:

Check to see if the company has paid a county business tax

Check to see if it is bonded or licensed

Ask for references


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