60 more teachers on board in Duval County | News

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60 more teachers on board in Duval County

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The new school year in Duval County came with a surprise more than 2,000 more teachers and not enough staff in place.

Four weeks into the school year, some high schools in particular are still dealing with crowded classrooms.

First Coast High School is one of them.  The school's enrollment jumped by 150 students when it was projected to go down. The school following the first twenty days has 2,321 students.

"My main concern is the quality of education that they are getting," said Christie Strickland who has two seniors at First Coast High.

Some classes at the school are being held in the auditorium since school started in August.

"We dramatically increased the number of elective classes at middle and high schools," said Superintendent Nikolai Vitti, which he described as a good challenge.

The challenge turned into a problem when 2,000 more students enrolled in Duval County schools.

"Our projections had us losing students because of the increase in charter schools," said Vitti.

The superintendent says schools like First Coast, Sandalwood and Fletcher high schools were impacted the most, but are also getting additional staff.


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