DCHD Recognizes November as National Diabetes Month


The Duval County Health Department (DCHD) recognizes November as National Diabetes Month, an opportunity to educate our community regarding the seriousness of diabetes and the complications that can occur. DCHD advises that everyone should use this time to become aware of the risk factors and complications of diabetes, along with effective preventive measures. It is the responsibility of the entire community to learn more about diabetes and the actions that can be taken to reduce the risk of occurrences and complications.

Cash for Candy, Local Dentist Takes a Stand Against Halloween Sweets

Cash for Candy, Local Dentist Takes a Stand Against Halloween Sweets

Trick-or treaters can bring their Halloween candy to Cypress Point Family Dentistry at 8130 Baymeadows Circle West, Suite 103 in Jacksonville Wednesday, November 2nd from 4-6:30 PM and receive $1 per pound of candy! Dr. Franklin Rios is putting his money where his mouth is by buying cavity-provoking candy back from kids. The treats will be shipped to our troops overseas so they can enjoy Halloween away from home. 

Sexting and Bullying One In The Same

Sexting and Bullying One In The Same

Sexting and Bullying One In The Same

Expanding bullying into the area of Sexting has brought this debatable crime more
into the light of law enforcement and cyber investigation. The reality is that one in
five tweens/teens/young adults maybe risking prison because of sending and
receiving child pornography. This includes risking a life of prison because of
distributing nude or semi nude pictures of themselves.

Cell/Smart phone technology has contributed to the ability to transmit pictures and
video that normally would not be accessible. Youth have learned the empowerment
of technology, but applying it in inappropriate means because of immaturity, sexual
activity and peer pressure.

Parents need to understand that youth with cell phones are not restricted from sending,
receiving or further distribution of nude or seminude pictures. If a youth willingly or

Update: Mosquito-borne Illness Alert for Duval County Continues

Jacksonville, FL -- The Duval County Health Department (DCHD) continues its mosquito-borne illness alert for Duval County. One additional human case of West Nile virus (WNV) has been reported (confirmed or probable) during the current update period. The most recent case involves a 72 year-old female resident. Duval County has 19 reported cases of WNV in 2011. There have been two reported deaths associated with a confirmed case of WNV.

Death From Bullying

Death From  Bullying

Deaths from Bullying
by William Jackson, M.Edu
Consulted with Cheryl Williams, LPN

Tragic Events
There are tragic stories of young people like 15 year old
Phoebe Prince who have taken their lives because of bullying.
Even Iain Steele a 15 year old that lived in Chicago and had
a promising future in high school and Carl Walker-Hoover 11
years old, even though he was a Boy Scout and football player.
The Springfield, Mass., young man was ruthlessly teased and
harassed. He was even active in his church, but was affected
by bullying to the point where he committed suicide.

Rabid Cat in Charter Point Leads to Rabies Alert

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The county's third rabies alert of the year is in an Arlington neighborhood near the river, and stems from a rabid cat.

The Duval County Health Department announced the alert Friday evening for the Charter Point area, north of Jacksonville University to the St. Johns River.

Health Department Director Charles Griggs released a statement today saying there was human exposure involved in the alert as well.

Pet owners in the area need to make sure all pets are up to date on vaccinations.

The alert is in effect north of Jack Road until Jan. 12.

Anyone seeing a stray animal can call Animal Care and Protective Services at 904-630-2489 to report the stray. If you've been bitten and are concerned about rabies, call Rabies Control at 904-253-1280.