Two Arrested Following Arlington Shootout

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Undercover officers happened to be on the job when two men started shooting at each other, so they jumped into action.

The shooting happened at 3:23 p.m. near the intersection of Townsend Boulevard and Fort Caroline Road in Arlington, according to Jacksonville Sheriff's Office spokesperson Melissa Bujeda.

The undercover officers reported seeing 19-year-old Terry Campbell using a handgun to shoot at 25-year-old Michael Anthony Butler.

When a blue car drove up, the officers reported, Butler began shooting back; Campbell ran off, Butler got into the car.

The undercover officers notified headquarters, and JSO units covered the area.

Near the intersection of Merrill Road and Wompi Drive, police stopped the car and questioned the people inside.

Butler and Campbell were both arrested following the incident and face charges of attempted second degree murder.

Sexting and Bullying One In The Same

Sexting and Bullying One In The Same

Sexting and Bullying One In The Same

Expanding bullying into the area of Sexting has brought this debatable crime more
into the light of law enforcement and cyber investigation. The reality is that one in
five tweens/teens/young adults maybe risking prison because of sending and
receiving child pornography. This includes risking a life of prison because of
distributing nude or semi nude pictures of themselves.

Cell/Smart phone technology has contributed to the ability to transmit pictures and
video that normally would not be accessible. Youth have learned the empowerment
of technology, but applying it in inappropriate means because of immaturity, sexual
activity and peer pressure.

Parents need to understand that youth with cell phones are not restricted from sending,
receiving or further distribution of nude or seminude pictures. If a youth willingly or

Lewd Suspect Targeting Children, Exposing Himself

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A series of lewd incidents over the past several months ranging from Mandarin to Mayport has police looking for one person.

According to a news release from Jacksonville Sheriff's Office spokesperson Melissa Bujeda, the first incident was in September 2010.

In all incidents, the suspect drove alongside the victims in a newer model Black Volkswagen Beetle and began talking to them.

Then, the suspect exposed himself as he masturbated, Bujeda indicated.

The victims were between 11 and 16 in most of the incidents, though the victim of the most recent is 20-years old.  All are females.

The incidents happened between 3:25 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. in the following locations:

Man Beaten, Robbed, Suspects Spotted on Camera

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Two men beat a man to unconsciousness and tried to use an ATM card police believe they stole from the victim, but all that did was tell police what they look like.

The assault happened outside the 63-year-old victim's apartment on Alden Road Friday night shortly after 10 p.m.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office spokesman Dewayne Richardson released a statement saying officers found the victim bleeding from a head wound.

The victim reported that two suspects approached him as he walked to his home, and one of them pointed a gun at his face, then hit hit with the gun while the other suspect held his arms behind his back.

The victim lost consciousness, and said he awoke to see the two men leaving the Carrington Place apartment complex in a dark vehicle.

He also learned his wallet and keys had been stolen. Police began looking for use of the victim's stolen goods. It didn't take long.

Arlington Bank Robbery Suspect on the Loose

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Police are looking for the person who robbed an Arlington bank this morning.

Melissa Bujeda, a spokesperson with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, said in a statement that the robbery happened at 9:07 this morning at the Compass Bank on University Boulevard near Fort Caroline Road.

MORE: Teen among Three Arrested for Armed Bank Robbery

Detectives believe the suspect walked in wearing a blue hoodie, sunglasses and a baseball cap, handed the teller a note and said he had a gun, according to the statement.

The suspect possibly left the scene in a white Ford Crown Victoria or similar vehicle.

Armed Robbery String Strikes throughout the Southside | VIDEO

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Police think a series of recent armed robberies from Mandarin to Arlington has enough in common that they may be connected.

According to a statement from Jacksonville Sheriff's Office spokesperson Melissa Bujeda, the suspects were captured on surveillance video in a robbery Sunday.

The robbery happened just before 9:30 p.m. Sunday at the C&C Discount Store at the corner of Old St. Augustine and Hartley roads.

The clerk reported seeing one person enter the store and immediately walk quickly to the back. She told police she started walking that way when three other males walked in from the back and the first suspect put a gun to her head, grabbed her throat and demanded money from the register and her purse.

All four then fled out the back door.

Two of the suspects were caught on a surveillance camera coming and going. Their faces are covered with masks.

19 Sex Crime Charges against Local Man

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A local man is in jail facing 19 counts relating to sex crimes against children under 12.

Much of the information in the arrest report for 40-year-old Carl Montgomery Owen has been redacted prior to its release, but the charges and the number of victims are detailed.

The investigation began on August 18 at Owen's apartment on Holly Bell Drive in Arlington.

A Jacksonville Sheriff's Office patrol officer went to the home to investigate a report of lewd acts on several children.

The investigation revealed six victims and five complainants.

The victims reported similar stories and said Owen forced them to rub lotion on his genitals, had them play naked hide and seek, showed them pornographic videos and, in at least one of the cases, penetrated.