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Good Samaritan helps catch robbery suspect

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A woman is behind bars after allegedly robbing a Subway at gun point and leading police on a chase Wednesday afternoon.

Sandra Cook, 28, is accused of approaching the front counter of the Subway on Merrill Road and threatening a store employee if she did not hand over all the cash in the register, according to a report from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. 

The report states the victim claimed Cook had her hands inside her sweatshirt and said, "I have a gun, give me the money or I will shoot the [expletive] out of you."

The victim handed Cook money and she attempted to flee, the report details. The victim allegedly followed Cook out of the store, yelling she was just robbed.

As Cook was allegedly attempting to flee Subway, the store manager Janelle Chamblee, started taking pictures of the suspect with her cell phone. "I could see the terror in my employee's eyes," Chamblee said.

Customer, David Crosby, happened to be pulling into the Subway parking lot as Cook attempted to leave. Crosby began following Cook and alerted 911, the report states. 

"One of our regular customers called 911, while I called 911," added Chamblee.

Cook led JSO on a chase through Arlington, according to the report, eventually coming to a stop after losing control of her vehicle near the 6500 block of Arlington Road.

After being taken into custody, Cook allegedly stated, "Girls gotta pay rent," and that it [robbery] was a "bad mistake" and she "wished she hadn't done it."

JSO was able to retrieve $385 from Cook's vehicle and return it to Subway. "We got the cash back because I knew the exact amount," said Chamblee.

Cook has been charged with attempting to elude law enforcement, armed robbery and driving with a suspended license. Cook is currently being held without bond.

Cook was released from the Duval County Jail on January 15 on unrelated charges.


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