Failed ATM robbery leaves gas station a mess

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A local Kangaroo store is cleaning up after an attempted ATM robbery caused severe damage to the business early Monday morning.

Unknown suspects allegedly cut power to the Kangaroo convenience store at 13967 Mt. Pleasant Road, in a failed attempt to steal an ATM located inside the business, according to a report form the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Deputies responded to the Kangaroo around 3:10 a.m. in reference to an alarm. When deputies arrived they noticed the front of the business was damaged, including the roll down doors, the front window and the front door, the report detailed. 

The unknown suspect is also accused of cutting power to the business and cutting a lock off the roll down door before entering the store, according to the report.

Surveillance video shows a man walking around the business around 2:10 a.m. At 3:00 a.m. a white pick-up truck was captured on video backing up to the business.

Good Samaritan helps catch robbery suspect

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A woman is behind bars after allegedly robbing a Subway at gun point and leading police on a chase Wednesday afternoon.

Sandra Cook, 28, is accused of approaching the front counter of the Subway on Merrill Road and threatening a store employee if she did not hand over all the cash in the register, according to a report from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. 

The report states the victim claimed Cook had her hands inside her sweatshirt and said, "I have a gun, give me the money or I will shoot the [expletive] out of you."

The victim handed Cook money and she attempted to flee, the report details. The victim allegedly followed Cook out of the store, yelling she was just robbed.

As Cook was allegedly attempting to flee Subway, the store manager Janelle Chamblee, started taking pictures of the suspect with her cell phone. "I could see the terror in my employee's eyes," Chamblee said.

Witness holds hit-and-run suspect at gunpoint until police arrive

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- One man was taken to the hospital Wednesday
night while another person was taken into police custody after a hit and
run near Regency Mall at the intersection of Southside and Atlantic boulevards.

Police say the victim, who was on foot, was struck around 7:45 p.m. as
the pickup truck drove down Southside and kept going. Skid marks could
be seen in a grassy median at the busy intersection, and the truck
knocked down a yield sign.

The victim, who police say is an adult male, was taken to Shands Jacksonville with
non-life threatening injuries. His name has not been released.

According to a police officer on the scene, witnesses John Bradley Avery II, 44, and Gary Gibson, 50, chased the
suspect down and Avery held him at gunpoint until police arrived. The
suspect's vehicle has bumper stickers that say "Criminals prefer unarmed
victims" and "The best homeland defense is an armed citizen."

January National Stalking Awareness Month

January National Stalking Awareness Month

Who Is Stalking Your Child Online? The Internet is a reflection of our society, a representation of the world we explore, communicate interact and search. The good, the bad and the dangerous, the Internet has shown a reflection that exposes the dangerous and dirty side of online interaction.

Why Men Should Mentor and Teach

Why Men Should Mentor and Teach

The need for more qualified male teachers is a serious issue in school systems nationally. Public, private, parochial and in higher education the demand for male teachers is high, but the availability of male teachers is small. There are multiple reasons, for the decline of men in education, to many to mention in this Blog.

Parents What Do Your Kids See Online

Parents What Do Your Kids See Online

Parents: students will be out for Winter vacations soon.

Have you checked your browser safety ratings, updated your antivirus software, cleared your cache/history and cookies on your computers? These are  things that should be performed on a regular schedule.

Blacks Can’t Wait On the President

Blacks Can’t Wait On the President

Where do we go after the second election of President Barack Obama?

I want it to be known, that I’m proud to have Barack Obama as the President of the United States of America. I’m proud of his ability to lead and to be a role model. That being said, Blacks Cannot Wait on President Obama to make things better for them.