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Dog Found Shot at Convenience Store Ready for Adoption
Dog Found Shot at Convenience Store Ready for Adoption

They call me Bullet (A394165). Why? Have you heard my story? I was found at a convenient store fighting for my life because someone shot me in the chest. ACPS came and saved me. I survived. But I couldn’t walk for a while because my spine was damaged and I had to have a wheelchair. All the news reporters featured me on TV & told my story. Everyone has been so nice.

I have a will to live and I would like to go to a great home and be HAPPY!

Now I am able to walk again, I am still working on maintaining my balance, but I can WALK. Thank you everyone for helping me! I need further help now….I need a home. The news reporters have left and all the people that came to see me have disappeared. And now I am left at the city shelter in a cage. I use to get so much attention; now I am all alone.

I am a very strong, housebroken friendly dog. I am a Mastiff mix so I am heavy in weight but not very tall. I like people. I need some work getting along with other dogs. I can learn to like other dogs. I am in a shelter environment right now and really would like to get out of here and get more socialization. I need a committed adopter. I have come so far and been through so much and I just want another chance. I deserve it.

  • ACPS: 2020 Forest Street
  • Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm
  • Friends of Jacksonville Animals FACEBOOK

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