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A Testimony To Teachers
A Testimony To Teachers

The background music in High School graduations can appropriately use Marvin Sapps: Never Would Have Made It Without You…

“Never would have made it, never could have made it,
without you. I would have lost it all, but now I see how
you were there for me.”
Marvin Sapp

Graduation ceremonies in High Schools across the country
is a true testament to professional educators.
The model of “College Preparation” is questioned and
will continue to be studied, examined and statistical data
accumulated. Incorporating a frame of mind for college,
higher academic performance, and future acceptance in
college is the goal for many students. Vocational studies
are available for those with talents in other areas, but in it’s
own right many Vocational Schools contain higher educational
models.  The high level of academic performance and
ownership of learning is an initiative for many school districts
nationally executed by teachers.

The sentiment shared by Trey Csar of the Jacksonville Public
Education Fund states that, “we must commit to treating public
education as an important investment.” Learning is continuous,
a continuous process and does not end at graduation, but
continues beyond. Education and Learning are Investments
of the highest order. Ralph Waldo Emerson stated,
“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us."

Teacher’s collectively work to inspire and empower the talents
that lay dormant in students. Encouraging, nurturing talents
and magnifying hidden abilities to spring forth so that graduates
will be a benefit to society not a burden in the juvenile or adult
justice systems, a hindrance or an embarrassment to their
families or society.

Teachers work to make sure students graduate from High School,
statistically unemployment for High School dropouts is dramatically
higher than those with degrees. Educators understand this, so
work begins in the elementary levels as a foundation to build on.
Graduation is a time for celebration of the achievement of academic
success, reflection of educational careers, not just high school, but
elementary and middle reflections. Looking at the road traveled and
the accomplishments earned. Recognition of the hard work of students;
the commitment and sacrifice of parents and professionalism that
teachers put forth to prepare students for challenges they (students)
will face, not just academically during their journey to college,
but socially, intellectually, morally and ethically. Many will argue of the
teaching of morals and values by educators, but education is a moral
foundation. Socrates (469-399BC) stated, “Education can make
people moral.” The moral strength of a society can be judged by the
educational level of a society. Even Aristotle (384-322BC) stated the
importance of education and educators to the world. “The highest form
of human existence is when man exercises his rational faculties to the
fullest extent.”

Teachers face many challenges and critics, but what career is not
influenced by a teacher. Even Shaq (Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal)
thought so highly of education and respect for teachers that he
earned his Ed.D. in Education. It was a challenging journey to
earning it, he promised his mother he would eventually return
to school after leaving college to play pro basketball. He returned
to complete his bachelor's degree. In 2000 Shaq earned his
Bachelor of Arts in General Studies then his Doctoral degree in
Education from Barry University in 2012. Shaq commented
about his work for education that, “I put in four and a half hard
years staying up late at night, studying, reading, rewriting papers
to earn my degree.” "Of all the things I’ve done in my life, this probably
is my No. 1 accomplishment, I respect teachers and education
and would like to give back to kids."

Teaching is not just a five day a week job, working only eight hours
a day or a 40 hour work week. Teaching is a birthing process;
the labour of teaching with strategies, standard, rituals and
routines that must be observed to meet the objectives of
standards and benchmarks, the preparation of teachers
through lesson plans guided by state standards, assessment
data, administrative input, differential instruction strategies.

Classroom management skills used to address potential
distractions to the learning environment as students are guided
to self control, self respect and self motivation. In my over
20 years I have seen an increase of teachers putting in
overtime that they are not compensated for. Some teachers get
to school before their administrators. They do not get paid
overtime as office personnel working in less stressful
environments in county offices or other careers.

Birth is a developmental process just as education is; birth and
education encompass the physical, emotional, and cognitive
aspects of growth for young people. Birth in education comes
during graduation, when the diplomas are awarded, recognitions
given, experiences shared, prayers answered and appreciation is
given to teachers for their skill-sets and experiences. The
professionalism that makes them so influential is many aspects
of continued growth. Not giving up on students who struggled
or who “just didn’t get it yet.” Working past the inconsistencies
of parents, collaborating with grandparents that are raising their
grandchildren. The graduation (birth) is shared; People can argue
about education, but in the United States it is still better than in
many developed countries.

Never Would Have Made It Without You.. Has a new meaning
for youth from Gradations across this country. Teachers have
completed another year of instruction and are reminded that the
struggles are worth the efforts they put in. That the hard work,
long hours, and sacrifices are justified. Robert Louis Stevenson
statement to teachers, “Don't judge each day by the harvest you
reap but by the seeds that you plant.” Gain strength and comfort
in knowing that teachers are planting seeds for the future of
doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, preachers, Presidents,
Mayors, engineers, and for careers that have not been discovered yet.

The United States has seen one President that accepted mediocrity
in students stating, "Even a 'C' student can be President" and
openly critical of teachers and their position in education. Teachers
must be supported, encouraged, and shown respect for their
continued influence in shaping the economic direction of this country.
"The Best Economic Stimulus Package is a High School Diploma,"
stated by the President of the Alliance for Excellent Education, Bob Wise.
This can be seen as President Barack Obama tries to make attending
college financially available and possible, but is seems others try
to keep youth especially minority youth from attending with increases
of tuitions and lowering of financial aid packages. Look at the recent

News coverage of students in higher education homeless and not able
to afford food, but living with friends or on the street.

Teachers guide the way to building economic stability in all societies.
In a recent blog by Ale’ta explains the level of Bachelor Degrees in
Jacksonville, Florida where we live.
http://16percentinjax.blogspot.com/2012/06/behind-bars.html teachers
are needed and education is valuable it is a moral responsibility to
obtain as much education as possible for all citizens.

Dr John Goodlad’s assertion that education is a “moral endeavor,”
“A moral foundation for education is essential,” “teaching is a
moral action because other humans are involved and within
teaching there are meaningful contributions to humans. Teachers
shape, model and develop morals in children so parents should
be involved and supportive.”

Even comments from the 1960’s still apply in the 21st century,
"Without education, you're not going anywhere in this world."
Malcolm X

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