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Power Move Monday Networking
Power Move Monday Networking

What is your Power Move for Networking??

"The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave." Patrick Henry

Since its inception, Power Move Monday has fashioned an energy that transcends the social aspects of networking and evolved into an intellectual, social and business networking environment that makes available the potential to allow entrepreneurials, business owners, and progressive thinkers (males and females) to be involved in the progressive growth of Jacksonville, Florida.
Goal of Power Move Monday is to provide a venue for current
and future people of influence to network and build
relationships with one another. The vision is for Power Move
Monday to serve as a catalyst for the information, organization
and motivation needed to take Jacksonville to the next level.

This networking opportunity has crossed cultural, generational,
gender and intellectual lines that once were limited by the
accessibility of progressive thinking individuals and young
business leaders. The future of Jacksonville’s growth is with
its youth because of their progressive thinking and embracing
of ethnic and cultural diversity.

Launched in March 2012 by Obi Umunna, Chet Aikens and
Ranaldo Allen and held the first Monday of each month,
Power Move Monday has “created a paradigm shift”
(Anthony Bulter, Sr. E3 Business Group) in Jacksonville,
Florida providing the opportunity to create networking
opportunities that allow for unlimited promise to move
forward in Jacksonville, Florida;
in a direction of business strength, economic leverage and
viability for national and international collaboration, increased
commerce within new markets, professional develop in business,
finance, technology, social media and presentation skills.

Entrepreneurials need opportunities to diversify and multiply
financial stability and growth in new markets throughout
Jacksonville, Florida they cannot wait on governmental
stimulation. Anthony Butler, Sr. of E3 Business Group recently
shared the potential of “Power Move Monday,” the movers
and shakers of Northeast Florida compared to heads of finance
and commerce of global financial influencers.

“Because of the presence and influence of Power Move Monday
entrepreneurials are creating a paradigm shift in business
collaboration and connectivity.”  This is a powerful statement
presented by Mr. Butler creating powerful moves with E3 Business
Group; PMM has the potential to take Jacksonville, Florida to the
next level of commerce, trade and economic development for
multi-tiered business entities that reside within Jacksonville,
Florida and Northeast Florida.

The influence of PMM can be seen within meetings with Mayor
Alvin Brown and his staff opening dialogues with political
leaders never before accomplished. Mayor Brown understands
the economic potential of young business leaders and encourages
the Jacksonville business and educational community to be
involved and network to create new partnerships in business.

Each Power Move Monday allows for connectivity and synergy
to show that business owners are interconnected dynamically
in ways unheard of in past networking events, political circles
and professional development opportunities.

Birthed through the vision of Obi Umunna, Chet Aikens and
Ranaldo Allen, filled with youthful exuberance, a powerful
business initiative that drives them to effectively move in a
direction that is forward thinking and powered by 21st
century ideas of business growth and setting a standard of
They are contributing members of several boards, organizations
and entities in Jacksonville, Florida. Mr. Obi Umunna, Mr. Chet
Aikens and Mr. Ranaldo Allen understand the dynamics
of business, politics, education and commerce, the blending of
these elements are delicate, but necessary for continued
growth and prosperity for business owners of all types. As a
teacher it is refreshing and encouraging to see young men take
leadership roles throughout the community serving as role models
and conduits of business and intellectual change.

PMM is a force of nature despite its youthful appearance of
business owners typically between 20 and 35 years of age.
The influential key to business expansion, collaboration and
connection that will have a powerful presence as
Jacksonville, Florida and Northeast Florida expands its business
influence. In order for Jacksonville to move past the historical
nuances of southern representation and traditional association
young business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurials of various
cultural backgrounds must be allowed to sit at the table of
negotiation, planning, implementation and importantly finance
and commerce as Mayor Brown has stated in numerous

Power Move Monday will expand beyond just networking,
potentially open doors to progressive business ventures
and collaborations that allow for historical business dialogues
and relationships that blossom into capital gains in finances
and human capital based on the talents and skills of youthful
business owners and leaders.

“To move forward there needs to be an influx of properly
applied power by the youth of today. There needs to be
the application of intellectualism and purpose.”
Wm Jackson, M.Edu.

Power Move Monday allows for the connection of like
minded individuals that have the drive and determination
to move progressively into the 21st century and beyond
as a catalyst to help Northeast Florida expand in business
relationships, as stated by Anthony Butler
of E3 http://e3northflorida.org/ “it’s a paradigm shift. ”

Respectful appreciation to:
Mr. Obi Umunna, Mr. Chet Aikens and Mr. Ranaldo Allen
for allowing and supporting this Blog.

William Jackson, M.Edu.
Educator, Blogger, Speaker
Social Media Presenter

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