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EWC Students and Mayor Alvin Brown
EWC Students and Mayor Alvin Brown

EWC Students and Mayor Alvin Brown

EWC Students Attend Mayor Alvin Brown Event

By William Jackson, M.Edu.
Edward Waters College
ImpactJAX (myjaxchamber.com) hosted the Honorable
Mayor Alvin Brown in a discussion centering on the
direction of Jacksonville in the current economic climate
and future entrepreneurial endeavors/business growth.Attending the event held at The Carling in downtown
Jacksonville, the backdrop served as a reminder of the
economic successes of the city and the bold new direction
of Mayor Brown’s administration for continued growth
and expansion of businesses throughout the
community, growth of Jacksonville ports, sustaining of
the armed forces based in Jacksonville, support of public
education and the increased development of downtown
Jacksonville for business expansion and tourism.

JCCI Forward (jcciforward.org) members were also in
attendance and other professionals in careers ranging from
law, entrepreneurialism, commerce, and many others who
work daily for the economic growth and stability of
Jacksonville, Florida.

This events is an annual Mayoral Address; Mayor Brown
gave an update on the progress of the city and engaged
questions and discussed how young professionals can
impact the future of Jacksonville, Florida. Stating that,
“there should be a thousand young professionals
here now.” Making reference to the desires of many
young people to own their own businesses and make a
positive difference in the city.

Edward Waters College students attended the event,
which was the first time these students were part of an
event such as this. Students of Professor William Jackson’s
Educational Technology 250 class were invited by
Prof. Jackson; he is a member of ImpactJAX and
JCCI Forward. This event was an opportunity to put into
practice the use of Social Media to Blog / Write about
the students experiences. The students are taking Educ-
ational Technology which is part of the Department of
Education Program at EWC and contains a component
in using Social Media (LinkedIn, Blogging, Twitter and
Web Design) to share information in and out of the class-
room, and how it can be used to engage learners in the
educational systems such as in public, higher education
and used in the business environment.

Freshman Avery McClenton (Biology Major) had the
opportunity to hear words of wisdom and encouragement
as he spoke directly to Mayor Brown about being a college
student and his aspirations majoring in Biology.
The dialogue lasted several minutes as Mayor Brown
inspired Mr. McClenton with life experiences working for
Winn Dixie in his years as a student attending Jacksonville
University and working in President Bill Clinton’s

The sharing of Mayor Brown’s life has been a motivating
point in Mayor Brown’s talks with students as he visits
students in DCPS and colleges throughout Jacksonville.
During the question and answer session Alicia Young
(Elementary Education) another EWC student had the
opportunity to ask Mayor Brown questions addressing
students receiving support from the Mayor’s office in
mentorship and support in choosing a career. In a
supportive gesture showing his continued backing of
higher education Mayor Brown quickly charged
members of his administration to talk to Ms. Young
about mentorships and partnerships within the Mayors
administration in her future career to be a professional
elementary education educator in the Duval County
Public School System.

The support of businesses, encouragement of entrepren-
eurialism, growth in tourism and equality of education
are understood by Mayor Brown and his administration  
as important elements to help Jacksonville grow in the
21st century.

These are needed to take Jacksonville, Florida
“to the next level” as the Mayor references several times.
The growth and expansion of the ports of commerce to
encourage international trade as well as taking trips
abroad to network and support/encourage global commerce. 
These actions place Jacksonville, Florida on a competitive
footing with other cities not just on the Eastern  Seaboard,
but nationally.

The students of EWC had a direct understanding of the
resources and support mechanisms that are in place to support
their continued educational and economic growth in the
“Bold New City of the South.”

Photos located: http://s1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc422/williamdjackson/EWC%20Students...

Blogging Sites of attending students:
Alicia Young http://aliciayoung21.wordpress.com
Avery McClendon http://mcclendon21.wordpress.com
Chris Haynes http://throughtheeyesofalefty.wordpress.com
Laqiesha Reed http://prettyblack23.wordpress.com
Michelle McNealy http://michelle7dotme.wordpress.com

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