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Fathers Clean with Bleach
Fathers Clean with Bleach

Students returned to school to engage in new learning. Active in learning that will shape their understanding of the world and guide contributions to society. Students attending higher education just as my son have taken the trip long or short distances to make it to their schools with parents in tow. Parents making sure their sons or daughters are prepared for the rigors of education.

Preparation for young scholars is important; it sets the foundation for learning, the
expectations for success are high. I set high expectations for my son and daughter;
my son entering into his junior year at Florida A&M University, my daughter a junior
in High School. Previous to his return I traveled to Tallahassee in preparation, making
sure his apartment was ready. Thus, my title “Fathers Clean with Bleach,”
preparation begins before a child applies for college. The foundation set in elementary school,
groundwork preparing children for college. “Fathers Clean with Bleach” means preparing
the way for your children to be ready for their transition from elementary, middle, and
high school. Preparation is established by fathers who have vision for their children
to succeed. Vision is seeing success; vision is seeing in a mind’s eye accomplishments
that others may doubt in your children, vision is seeing your child becoming better than
you are.

Parents Need To Talk
Fathers must have a vision of success for children because if they do not they may curse
their children’s future, generational curses are real and many must be broken. “A father’s
involvement is crucial to a child’s growth and has profound bearing on the social, emotional,
and intellectual development,” Dr. Mike Robinson of Blog Talk Radio
Parent Talk Live http://parenttalklive.weebly.com/

Fathers and Sacrifices
Taught by my mother and grandmother the best way to clean is with bleach and water, I
cleaned my son’s apartment with water and bleach. Thinking about the sacrifices my
mother and grandmother made for me, my brother and sister. Reminiscing, if they can
sacrifice for me to attend SCSU I can sacrifice for my children. Fathers prepare for their
children to move forward in life to obtain a quality education that prepares them to become
responsible, accountable adults. Fathers clean dirty places that may infect children’s bodies
with illness, keep children’s minds free of the disease of ignorance, make sure children
are not exposed to the fevers of self doubt and keep viruses from invading causing the
diarrhea of quitting when things get tough and free of mental migraines of slavery of
giving up when hard times come. If you are an educator share your wisdom with your
students, be a role model and a guiding light.

Go Team Booh
“Fathers Clean with Bleach” gives testimony; men go ahead of children
to prepare the way so that one day children will clean for themselves. “Children must have
the tools taught by fathers for their attitudes, morals and values to disinfect possible toxic
situations and circumstances that try to infect them as they mature, so they will not
give up and quit, but press on in good and bad times. This is a team effort with fathers and
children, but fathers leading the team.” KNB

Don’t Be A MIA Father
I make sure I do not allow infections of being a missing father to infect my son and daughter.
Even though divorced; I have said before, I did not divorce my children. I endure Baby
Mama Drama, but do not allow it to ruin me as a father. Cleaning my son’s room I admit
to shedding tears of pride for his growth and watching him grow and mature. Being a father
I must continue to teach him wisdom, honesty, accountability and prayerful in all things
and to share these nuggets of wisdom with my daughter. Fathers there is much work; do not
grumble, do not complain, because someone cleaned our mess as we matured.
Support them in all things not just athletics, talk to their teachers, attend school board
meetings, join PTA’s so you can be involved, volunteer, chaperone field trips and read to
your child.

Use The Oil
“Fathers Clean with Bleach” and anoint your children with the oil of Blessings
that cover and protect them from the dangers of the world, destroy generational curses that
seem to contaminate children keeping them from potential future success. Anoint your
children and yourself to cover everyone and mom.

Fathers Are Important
Lead By Example Not Words
Follow my lead fathers, pick up the broom, ready the mops and prepare the bucket with
water and bleach to clean the way for your children. If you don’t think you as a Father,
Stepfather, Grandfather, Godfather or a man are important too many are in prison or
dead because of a lack of Fathers love, wisdom, guidance and anointing.
“Fathers Clean with Bleach”


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