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New Interview Recordings, Photos Released from Makia Coney Murder Investigation
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- New information surrounding the murder of University Christian student Makia Coney has been released by the state attorney's office.

Charles Southern and Connor Pridgen were sentenced to life in prison for shooting Coney to death in a park in February. The two pleaded to second-degree murder in July.

Pictures and audio recordings from taped interviews now tell the story in Southern and Pridgen's own words. They include audio recordings of Southern and Pridgen's first interviews with authorities.

Southern and Pridgen admitted to killing their classmate but the relationship between the trio has remained vague, until now.

During questioning, Southern described his relationship with Coney.

"Did Makia mean anything to you?" the investigator asked.

Southern responded, "Yeah, she was a very good friend of mine."

Several reports given to police, including statements from Southern himself, said the pair had an ongoing physical relationship.

One student told police Southern started a rumor about that relationship, and several students confirmed to police that they had heard the same rumor.

However, the investigator described Southern as having no emotion during the interview.

Makia Coney's sister, Beatrice, told investigators her sister's best friends included Connor Pridgen.

During one interview, the investigator asked, "Have you two ever been friendly?"

Pridgen replied, "No, not at all."

But another witness told investigators Connor Pridgen was crying before leaving school the day after Coney's murder.

All three were students at University Christian School, just a few miles from the wooded area off Powers Avenue where Coney's body was found in February.

Crime, News, Schools

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